All Library Related Solutions are done by THE KIRAN BALA LIBRARY FOUNDATION, KOLKATA, Under One Umbrella by our experts Consists of a team of LIS & IT Experts. Our thrust areas are:

Installation of Library Software for the library works in every field.

Data Entry through installed KOHA library soft ware by us or through the software installed in the institute or any software the Institute want

Migration of data to KOHA from any other software

Modernization of College Library according to the M C I, DCI, PCI, UGC, NAAC requirements,

Library regular processing and related work; i.e.: Accessioning, Cataloguing, Classification, Labeling & Pasting,

Barcode & Spine label Printing &Pasting; Filing; Shelving, etc.

Membership Card Generation, Printing and Lamination

Identity Card Generation, Printing and Lamination

We can also supply at nominal rate, such as- Accession Register, Catalogue Card, Spine Label, Date Label, Book Slip, Book Card, Book Pocket, Membership Card, Plastic Cover, Barcode Sticker, RFID tag, etc.

Supplier of Barcode Scanner & Barcode Printer

Supplier of Catalogue Cabinet, Book Rack, Notice Board, Periodical Cabinet, Steel Almirah, File Cabinet, etc. ∙ Binding &Pest Control etc. etc.

In case of any library related work call us, our representative will visit to your Institute. Ph No- 9433425203 or send Email about your need. And go to the site.  

VISIT SITE at  www.kblibraryfoundation.com 


KIRANBALA LIBRARY FOUNDATION is created in the memory of my Mother, Late KIRANBALA GHATAK. It will help the poor providing them Books for study up to school level & it will spread modern library activities.

It will train the Students & the Library Professionals to upgrade the modern library profession & the standard of library as a whole. It will help the poor people for study at the school level; if possible it can help at the higher level study.

“ মা বিদ্বিষাবহৈ’’
—-কৃষ্ণযজুর্বেদের কঠোপনিষদের শান্তিমন্ত্র—
“ ব্রহ্মযেন গুরু-শিষ্যকে সমানভাবে রক্ষা করেন ,
গুরু-শিষ্য যেন সমান সামর্থ অর্জন করেন ,
উভয় পক্ষের প্রাপ্ত বিদ্যা যেন সমান সফলতা পায় ।
আমরা যেন পরস্পরকে বিদ্বেষ নাকরি । ‘’


Our vision is to make the Centre of Excellence in Librarianship Education by imparting knowledge, through which In-service and Pre-service Trainees will be fit for global Competition,


Our Mission is to promote the Libraries of all types to the modern International standard. Providing all types of Modern Library services through creating modern library infrastructures.


To provide International standard Modern Library creating IT based Library Technologies.To provide the quality Librarianship Education at a minimum cost so as to ensure social justice.